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APAC news: Maurice Blackburn goes live with MatterSphere

Thomson Reuters Elite today announced that Maurice Blackburn, a leading Australian plaintiff law firm, has rolled out MatterSphere to more than 650 users across 27 offices to support its specific matter management needs and eliminate the challenges caused by an outdated system.

After struggling with “an insufficient legal matter management solution” Maurice Blackburn turned to Thomson Reuters Elite to implement MatterSphere. MatterSphere is part of Elite’s end-to-end enterprise business management solution, which includes business development, risk management, client and matter management, and financial management offerings.

Prior to MatterSphere, the management team was unable to accurately measure the progress of files across the firm and could not tailor the system to meet its specific criteria—firm wide and across diverse practice groups. Furthermore, they faced workflow continuity concerns, cross matter information issues and lengthy document generation and processing times.

“With our previous solution, staff would have to access different tools in order to complete different tasks, which was hardly an efficient means of handling a matter,” said Maurice Blackburn Chief Operating Officer Steve Schuurmans. “We turned to MatterSphere to have all of our document and workflow needs tightly integrated within a single package—an aspect that has proven most useful to our staff.  As a plaintiff firm, the way we practice is a little different than most firms. We appreciate the flexibility of the system, its ability to precisely adapt to each of our practice areas and the tools it provides to easily change things in the system to suit our needs.”

MatterSphere integrates with 3E, Enterprise, and many other financial management and document management platforms. It is embedded in the Microsoft Office environment to unite operations and promote collaboration across the enterprise and with a firm’s clients. In addition, its mobile capabilities enable access to case files, action activities, and file time records from an iPad or smartphone, which brings a higher level of client service.