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APAC news: PCLaw gets mobility apps as part of upgrade

LexisNexis Australia has announced the launch of a new mobile application for its PCLaw Plus accounting software offering for law firms. The mobile application is offered as part of LexisNexis PCLaw Plus version 11. The mobile service is compatible with Apple iPad, iPhones, BlackBerry and Android based devices. No special software needs to be installed on the user’s mobile device, and no cables or synching are required to receive the most current information in the system. Also, data is encrypted end-to-end between the mobile device and the server, but is not stored on the device in order to maintain information security.

In addition to offering a mobile solution, PCLaw Plus v11 now integrates with Fujitsu ScanSnap desktop scanners, providing users the ability to scan documents directly from any ScanSnap scanner, easily associate it with a matter in PCLaw Plus and store it using the document management capabilities. “LexisNexis and Fujitsu have teamed up to help users go paperless and take the complication out of document imaging,” said 
Chris Cook, director of Practice Management at
LexisNexis Pacific
. “Designed specifically for sole practitioners and small law firms, the enhancements in version 11 reflect the commitment of LexisNexis to further enhance the practice of law. PCLaw Plus provides lawyers with a complete billing, accounting and matter management solution available as a standalone platform or combined with online research services from LexisNexis to further improve efficiency.”

Other system upgrades to PCLaw Plus v11 include new security features that allow law firms to better restrict access to sensitive data stored within the system and improved calendar customisation with new holiday files. Both the upgrade to PCLaw Plus v11 and mobile access are available at no additional cost to customers that have an active PCLaw Plus Annual Maintenance Plan. More information about PCLaw Plus v11 software and the new PCLaw Plus Mobility service is available at