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Apps for the legal market – new whitepaper by Kim Tasso

Here’s a great new whitepaper by independent strategy consultant Kim Tasso* on the use of apps by law firms and other professional services organisations.Click on the image to download the whitepaper.

This is what Kim has to say about the whitepaper…

“Whilst innovation isn’t exactly the hallmark of the legal profession, with the number of lawyers who seem really comfortable with tablet technology I expected to see them enthusiastically embrace App technology and its potential for enriching the client experience, providing real added value, creating new markets and products and locking clients in. But having watched and waited the App market in professional services for some time it seems that there is little engagement with the technology.

“This White Paper provides a brief overview of the use (or not) of Apps by law, accountancy and surveying professional practices. It looks at what is there, offers some ideas about what might be done and guidance on running a strategically sound App development project rather than a me-too, shoot-from-the-hip reaction like those we saw when web sites first emerged.

* Kim Tasso is an independent strategy consultant for law, accountancy and surveying firms with a passion for technology.