PayCloud (project name) is a spin-off service from Linclaw Ltd, a company better known for providing legal services for tech companies in the Nordics. The goal behind the service is to provide lawyers with a simple way to get answer to the question: How much should my salary be?

Although there are many sources of salary data out there, Linclaw say they have not seen any that would be simple enough to use to encourage wide user adoption, and provide lawyers with near real-time salary data that enables them to make a more informed call on i) whether to ask for more money, or ii) whether for example applying for a new job at a competing firm might make sense.

PayCloud is currently opening up the service for beta-testing. In the beta-phase, the service will only be made available for people working in the legal sector. Eventually PayCloud will open the service for other sectors as well.

If you have any questions or comments about the service, contact us at or visit