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ARMA release new information management guidelines

The risk management organization ARMA International has released three new guidelines on information management:
Website Records Management Guideline
This guideline explores how information posted on websites may constitute records. It offers records and information management (RIM) advice and best practices recommendations for managing website records. It covers roles, responsibilities, and risk management for website management, including website lifecycle issues, technologies for creating and attaching metadata, web content management, capturing and harvesting website data, and meeting the challenges of Web 2.0.
RIM for IT Professionals Guideline
Electronic commerce, emerging technologies, privacy and security requirements, and other business drivers are requiring RIM and IT professionals to join forces. This guideline is designed to help RIM professionals extend their IT knowledge while assisting IT professionals in gaining a clear understanding of records retention and archiving requirements and methodologies. It provides guidance for professional collaboration between records managers and IT to create cohesive information management solutions.
Contracted Destruction for Records & Information Media
Designed to guide organizations when contracting for destruction services, this guideline identifies the critical components that must be addressed so no records or information in any format are compromised during any part of the destruction process. For service providers, this guideline will create an understanding of the requirements for managing and processing an organization’s records and information media destruction activities.

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