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Asia-Pacific news – Brisbane law firm selects Elite 3E

Thynne & Macartney, a 70 fee earner firm based in Brisbane, has selected the Elite 3E financial and practice management platform to efficiently meet critical business imperatives.

“Most of the legal solutions on the market today are based on legacy client server applications built on out-dated 1990’s technology, which provided no business case to switch from what we had been working with,” said Mike Hindle, general manager of Thynne Macartney. “After seeing several 3E presentations, it was clear that 3E was a true next generation platform, highly customisable and included sophisticated reporting and metrics capabilities that could easily meet our needs. We rely heavily on comprehensive business intelligence and analytics to provide insight into business performance, as well as track and report on important client information. 3E is able to essentially automate this entire process for us creating enormous efficiencies and a real-time view into the health of the firm.” .

Thynne & Macartney is a member of nationwide legal network the Kennedy Strang Legal Group. The firm joins the Melbourne and Sydney Kennedy Strang offices as an Elite customer.

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We're a similar sized firm and going through a PMS review – can someone tell me which other practice management systems were considered here?

The firm looked at a number of other products including Aderant Expert and Locus Affinity, but only did a comprehesive evaluation of Elite 3E as they determined very early that though the other products did offer some benefits, they were ostensibly the same generation of technology as what they had, with the same limitaitons and the same life expectency so there would be no real value in moving to 'more of the same'.

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