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Asia-Pacific news round-up: I-nnovate & I-nfo overload news

LexisNexis Productivity Study – the Australian Legal Results
Earlier this week we published the UK results of the LexisNexis survey on how lawyers were dealing with information overload, now we have the results in from Australia…

•    Of the countries surveyed, Australian legal professionals are the most likely to agree that the amount of information they have to manage for their jobs has increased in the past five years (97%), with eight in ten reporting that it has significantly increased (80%).

•    Australian legal professionals estimate they spend, on average, 54% of their day receiving and managing information and 46% actually using that information.

•    Legal professionals in Australia say that, on average, only about half of the information that comes their way every day is actually important to them getting their job done (52%), the lowest of the countries surveyed. Legal professionals say that, on average, a meagre 48% of emails received every day at work are actually important to them getting their job done.

•    The overwhelming majority of legal professionals (87%) wish they could spend less time organising, and more time using, the information that comes their way.

The deluge of information is having a negative effect on organisational compliance and billing
•    81% of legal workers say they’ve deleted or discarded work information without fully reading it.

•    One in five legal professionals in Australia (20%) agree that research takes up so much of their time that sometimes they end up not billing for time they spend on it.

•    31% of legal workers reported having trouble recreating how time was spent for billing purposes at least once a week, while almost a quarter (24%) delivered incomplete documents, email or other communications because the necessary information or materials could not be found on time.

•    Over a third of legal professionals (35%) agree they feel demoralised when they can’t manage all of the information that comes their way at work and, if the amount of information they receive continues to increase, they will soon reach a breaking point where they can’t handle any more.

Legal professionals express concern about their ability to manage information efficiently at work and desire more guidance from their employers.
•    Australian legal professionals reported the highest agreement that, compared with two years ago, finding specific pieces of legal research or information is more difficult (22%).

•    The majority of Australian legal professionals (87%) say they wish their firms provided more training in information management.

New entrants to the Australian legal industry may be ill-prepared to manage the amount of data.
•    Four in ten Australian legal professionals (43%) agree that many new entrants to the legal system tend to leave the legal sector early in their careers because the amount of information they have to manage is more intensive than they thought it would be.

•    Over half (56%) agree that incorporating comprehensive information management training into legal teaching would improve the quality and productivity of new entrants to the legal system.

I-nnovate announce Australian partnership with McCaskill Support
McCaskill Support Services, a Brisbane-based legal consulting and support services company, has partnered with I-nnovate to jointly promote I-nnovate’s advanced BPM Green Suite solutions for law firms