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Australian firm goes live with Bighand DDS

Australian personal injury law firm Maurice Blackburn today announced it has rolled out the BigHand Digital Dictation system across its 17-office national network and experienced significant productivity gains. The increased operational and administrative efficiency facilitated by BigHand software has allowed the support of smaller regional and short-term ‘visiting’ offices to a high level of quality and cost-effectiveness; in turn enhancing client service.
Maurice Blackburn National Application Support Manager, Jane Bennett commented: “BigHand3 software really has delivered a high degree of flexibility for the firm, which has experienced high growth in recent years. Smaller regional offices like Rockhampton can now be supported (on the secretarial side) out of Melbourne, which has greater in-house resources. Another example of the ability of BigHand technology to respond to our changing requirements was when one of our principals had to visit a client in Greece within weeks of our BigHand roll out and was able to use the BigHand Email Gateway feature to send back a report from an internet café. It has turned out to offer one of the biggest productivity gains of any IT project we have ever run.”
During a recent joint venture in Ireland, a Maurice Blackburn partner regularly travelled to Dublin, and from there dictated documents and instructions that were transferred instantly 10,000 miles back to Melbourne via the BigHand system. In Melbourne a team of secretaries was able to offer the level of support and quality of document production that the partner did not have access to on-site, enabling the firm to maintain first-class client service even while work was done remotely.
Maurice Blackburn IT Manager Justin Westbrook, who led the original digital dictation selection process described: “When considering the move over to digital dictation workflow we reviewed quite a few systems on the market including Philips SpeechExec, Quikscribe and Winscribe but at the time BigHand were the first to open up a virtual channel on Citrix so it was the only solution for us. The choice has paid off as BigHand have remained innovative on the technical side, their service orientated architecture now utilizes Microsoft .Net 3.5 and over the course of the project we have implemented their Email Gateway, the new System Admin console, as well as the Active Directory module. Next up to assess is whether we converge to Windows Mobile PDAs to dictate, rather than continuing to use remote hardware devices.”
BigHand Digital Dictation software has gone to 213 users across Maurice Blackburn. Offices implementing the technology including Brisbane, Cairns, Rockhampton, Townsville, Maroochydore, Southport, Newcastle, Sydney, Parramatta, Canberra, Camperdown, Melbourne, Ringwood, Reservoir, Sunshine, Dandenong, and Geelong.