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Autonomy adds 'who knows what' capability to iManage search

Autonomy Corporation today unveiled a new Expertise Location module for its iManage Universal Search (IUS) solution, the company’s pan-enterprise search solution tailored for law firms. The announcement goes on to say…

With this new module, lawyers can quickly and easily connect with other subject matter experts within the law firm, enabling the firm to efficiently staff matters and match the right talent with the needs of a case. Powered by Autonomy’s Meaning Based Computing platform, IDOL, the IUS Expertise Location module supports a law firm’s complete practice support needs – all on a single platform.
As a law firm expands its global footprint, it becomes increasingly challenging to locate experts to staff a new matter, respond to a business development opportunity or ensure that clients get access to the best experts, no matter where they are located. With a globally dispersed workforce, knowledge about ‘who knows what’ and ‘who knows who’ is often times not made readily available, without disrupting the entire organization with firm-wide email inquiries. With the combination of IUS and the new Expertise Location module, lawyers can now not only connect with domain experts from across the firm, they can also effectively ‘connect the dots’ among related information through conceptual categorization and automatic hyperlinking.
“Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP has more than 520 attorneys in 11 offices around the world. As we continue to expand our global presence, it becomes more challenging for the attorneys to stay abreast of each others' expertise and unique skills,” said Rachelle Rennagel, Chief Knowledge Officer at Sheppard Mullin. “Having an intelligent knowledge management system that connects our subject matter experts with the most relevant information within our firm is critical to our success in helping clients. I see tremendous value in the Expertise Location capabilities within IUS to help firms like ours enhance our ability to identify the right attorneys for the right matters.”
Unlike traditional approaches that rely on manually created biography databases for expertise location, IUS leverages IDOL’s ability to automatically build conceptual profiles of users based on the understanding of information. As lawyers interact with information as part of their daily routine in the iManage WorkSite document and email management system or IUS such as create or view documents, respond to emails, create time entry systems, etc, IUS can automatically build a profile of the user in real-time. As a result, IUS can identify experts within the law firm and connect their expertise with the most relevant information from multiple content repositories around the world.
In addition, with IDOL’s unique meaning-based approach, a user can find an expert even if the exact search terms are not included in the users’ profile. For example, searching for an expert in ‘copyright law’ will also show experts in conceptually related areas, such as ‘trademark’. This powerful capability allows law firms to bring to bear the best and most experienced talent at the firm depending on the needs of the case and the client, improving customer satisfaction and overall quality of service.
The Expertise Location module is an add-on to iManage Universal Search and is available now. Visit to find out more.