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Autonomy roll out trio of new products inc iManage conflict manager

Autonomy this morning announced a trio of new products for the legal market, including a new conflicts manager app for iManage…

• Firstly, Autonomy announced the availability of iManage ConflictsManager. Powered by Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), this identifies patterns in data and automatically acts on that knowledge to mitigate risk and accelerate the overall conflict screening process. Unlike legacy approaches, whose traditional keyword searches are limited to a finite number of data sources and laden with manual processes, Autonomy’s iManage ConflictsManager represents the first solution that automates time-consuming steps in the vetting procedure and thus minimizes the risk associated with this process.

• Next up, Autonomy announced a new consolidated archiving solutions. Powered by meaning-based technology, Autonomy offers these solutions on-site, in the cloud or on an appliance, covering every size of organization, types of data and applications to meet the diverse needs of today’s legal market. Autonomy’s next-generation email archiving and management solutions automatically ingest, de-duplicate, index and extract metadata from all data types, including audio, video, web sites and SharePoint files. Autonomy IDOL automatically understands how to manage each piece of content, thus eliminating the burden of acquiring, implementing and managing local compliance grade storage, including the time and cost associated with backups, administration, software upgrades and technical support.

The Autonomy solutions consist of:
•    Arcpliance – An on-premise digital archiving appliance that leverages the next-generation archiving capabilities of Autonomy Digital Safe to provide a turn-key and cost-effective archiving appliance. The appliance is ideal for mid-sized businesses or organizations seeking a simplified yet scalable solution for specific tasks – such as archiving application, divisional, or location-specific data.
•    Digital Safe – A cloud-based archiving solution which manages the world’s largest cloud-based archive at over 13 petabytes and currently archives at a rate of three million data objects per hour.
•    DSmail – A turnkey email archiving solution with end user web access (without stubbing) and basic governance and legal hold functions. DSmail is ideal for any size organization that is looking to start their investment in governance with affordable, cloud-based email archiving.
•    DSplus– Designed for companies in regulated industries as well as those embarking on a proactive governance campaign, DSplus offers advanced, meaning-based functions for monitoring, proactive policy management, ingestion of additional types of content, and advanced tools for compliance.
•    DSprofessional – Consolidated archiving and governance platform that applies advanced, meaning-based tools for search, eDiscovery, legal hold, classification and desktop collections to 400+ repositories and 1000+ file types.
•    Enterprise Archiving Solution (EAS) – A highly scalable on-premise solution that captures and preserves electronically stored information (ESI) for litigation readiness, information governance, and storage optimization.
•    WorkSite’s Email Management – Built on Autonomy IDOL, the solution delivers the industry’s first “suggestive filing” capability, allowing the computer to anticipate where the user would want to file the emails and recommend the appropriate location to the users. This helps to alleviate filing burdens for users and saves them time and increases their productivity. The iManage Email Management solution allows accessibility from multiple file formats and file types, including Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, the Web, as well as mobile devices, such as the Apple iPhone.

Finally, Autonomy today announced the availability of the Autonomy eDiscovery Appliance.  Claimed to be the industry’s only eDiscovery appliance that combines early case assessment (ECA) and legal hold capabilities, the Autonomy eDiscovery Appliance arms general counsel and law firm partners with a powerful solution for quickly defining and executing an e-discovery strategy.  Powered by Autonomy’s meaning-based technology, this highly scalable platform provides an extremely fast and effective on-ramp to the e-discovery process.

The Autonomy eDiscovery Appliance delivers a broad set of unique capabilities including:
•    FRCP-complaint search capabilities – unlike legacy technologies which are limited to stemming, Autonomy provides true meaning-based technology 
•    Analyze-in-Place – the only solution that can analyze data in-place, prior to collection, from more than 400 enterprise data sources
•    Advanced visual analytics – link maps, automatically generated concept clusters and message tracers provide legal counsel with a bird’s-eye view of the data corpus
•    All data types – ability to handle more than 1,000 file types natively, including audio and video
•    Petabyte scalability – the Autonomy Discovery appliance is the only solution able to handle petabytes of data
•    Extensive reporting and analytics – the only FRCP-compliant and defensible solution provides extensive reporting and visibility into the process.