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Average time visitors spend on law firm websites still only 2 minutes

Repeating the exercise first carried out in 2009,  legal marketing and website specialists Conscious Solutions have analysed six key website metrics for 163 law firms (twice the sample size from the 2009 survey).  The data collected was for the month of September 2010.  The key metrics we continue to track for this ongoing benchmark are…
• Total number of page views
• Total number of visits
• Average pages/visit
• Average time on site
• Average bounce rate (where a visitor lands on a website, only looks at one page & then moves to another site)
• Percentage of new visits

The summary table below shows the summary data for all firms, along with a breakdown in three categories based on number of partners in the firm.  At the bottom of this document is the data for 2010 compared to 2009.
Commenting on these results, Conscious Solutions' sales & marketing director David Gilroy says the highlights are:

• The most consistent metric across all sites is the time spent on the site.  There is very little variation in this number based on size of firm: it is just two minutes per site. (Our emphasis) However, the range here was quite marked, from a lowly 47 seconds up to 7:49 seconds which oddly enough is for a law firm in Mexico!

• There is a clear correlation between the size of a law firm and the total number of page views per month.  The table above shows that the larger firms are getting significantly more pages viewed in total which is no surprise bearing in mind they have more clients.

• However, if we compare the average number of page views per visit, then there is far more consistency between different size firms.  This leads us to conclude that as long as you have a decent amount of content on your website, then you should be getting around 4 page views per visit.

Gilroy adds there are only a couple of changes from the 2009 data worth commenting on.
• Increase in Av. New Visits % – It would appear that all law firms are getting better at driving more new visitors to their website as this percentage increased in all three bands.  This is probably due to law firms finally getting the message that email marketing, PPC, SEO and social media are all appropriate tactics for driving more traffic to your website.

• Reduced Bounce Rate – there is a noticeable reduction in the bounce rates for all three bands of firms.  Over the last 12 months we believe that law firms have got better at making their websites more engaging, but there's more work to be done (see next point).

• Static Time on Site – One thing we think will improve this statistic will be the introduction of compelling online videos.  When you think that the average YouTube visitor spends 15 mins PER SESSION on YouTube, law firms have a long way to go.  The key here will be how to make videos about the law “compelling”.


One reply on “Average time visitors spend on law firm websites still only 2 minutes”

Great insights and thank you for sharing these. Our experience from working with Professional Services firms is that the key factor is relevancy – specifically, not how long people spend on your site, but who they are. For example, if 100% of your site traffic is from University students and the primary goal of your site is to support Business Development, does it matter whether they spend 2 minutes or 10 minutes on your site. On the other hand, if 100% of your site traffic is from your key prospects and clients, I’d argue that the time spent is very valid.
From the professional services firms we work with we see a wide range of what refer to as a relevancy ratio i.e. the proportion of companies / organisations engaging with your site. Clearly we can’t disclose that data, but would it be of interest if we created a series of benchmarks around “relevancy ratios”?

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