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Avokaado launches CLM platform in the UK via strategic partnership with Advantage Consulting

Estonian headquartered CLM provider Avokaado today (27 May) launched in the UK via a partnership with Advantage Consulting; a move, it says boldly, that will enable it to “conquer the legal market in the UK.”

The Avokaado platform is now an integral part of the Advantage Consulting professional services network that includes top legal software brands such as Clio, Actionstep and Verify 365.

Advantage Consulting’s CEO, Rudi Kesic, said: “We hand-pick all of our service providers, only entering in partnerships with the best legal software platforms. With Avokaado, we feel that we have found the missing piece that fits in our existing lawtech advisory stack to help UK-based law firms better navigate in the saturated lawtech market. With the addition of Avokaado’s Nordic quality, we are well equipped to lead the transition from “legacy systems” to newer, more robust and adept systems as seamlessly and cost effectively as possible.”

The Avokaado platform is now open to all UK-based law firms to help streamline contract assembly and automate their workflow management, as well as provide storage of all documents in a single digital space. Avokaado also provides a legal services marketplace for law firms to monetise their contract templates through a client CLM portal. UK law firms are now provided with an opportunity to enter the company’s global Early-Adopter Programme, which is available in the UK through Advantage Consulting.

You can read a case study with NJORD Law Firm here: