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Awards eh? What are they good for?

Rob Lancashire of digital dictation specialists nFlow Software says he was stunned and amazed to find his company had been nominated for a prize in the 'most success of SpeechMike trade-in 2007' category (sic) at the recent Philips Speech Processing partner awards. nFlow did not win the award, which Lancashire says was hardly surprising as they handled no SpeechMike trade-ins at all during 2007. Here's a picture of the Philips team – or it may be a dress rehearsal for a remake of The Addams Family. (Have you spotted Lurch and Pugsley yet?)

2 replies on “Awards eh? What are they good for?”

Why criticise one awards ceremony and then plug another awards ceremony lower down the page – anyone would think you hadn't been invited to the first one!
Also why direct personal comments against those pictured? It's not even remotely professional but it was cheap, nasty and ill-judged.
If you believe it's ok to do this then I'm sure readers of your blog would comment on your effeminancy and how you're a laughing stock within IT journalism, but that would be reducing ourselves to your level.

Oooo big words from Mr Anonymous – pity you can't spell them properly. Its effeminacy. Buy yourself a dictionary – and get yourself a sense of humour while you are it.

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