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UPDATED: BA Insight now global standard for enterprise search for DLA Piper

BA Insight ( just announced that global business law firm DLA Piper intends to implement a BA Insight and FAST enterprise search solution for all of its 4200 lawyers located across 31 countries and 77 offices throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. DLA Piper will consolidate search technologies to a single global solution using BA Insight’s Longitude and TotalView for Legal solutions, which layer on top of the Microsoft SharePoint and FAST platforms, enabling lawyers to easily find information, documents and subject matter experts no matter where they are in the world.

According to Jon Short, Head of Applications for DLA Piper in EMEA & Asia Pac, the firm wanted to standardize on one enterprise search solution worldwide that could leverage its investments in the Microsoft SharePoint and FAST platforms, and easily connect to a myriad of other legal IT systems in use at the firm. “We have experience with the leading enterprise search solutions in the legal market. That experience and our research has led us to BA Insight and FAST as the correct, strategic direction for enterprise search at DLA Piper,” said Short. “It’s clear that FAST is now a critical and core part of Microsoft’s strategy and it is clear that BA Insight is the right technology to exploit FAST in a legal environment.”

Short anticipates that BA Insight will make search faster and easier, and help produce more relevant results. “Our goal is not just about finding golden nuggets of explicit knowledge, it is about facilitating the extraction of the more valuable tacit knowledge through linking the right lawyers together across the DLA Piper world,” explained Short. “Through greater use of search-based applications, BA Insight will help us find the best resources to help our clients.”

COMMENT: We’re still checking out this story but it looks like goodbye to Autonomy IDOL and we’re also not sure where this leaves Recommind?

UPDATE: Just heard from DLA Piper’s Jon Short “We are going to drop Autonomy IDOL and Recommind as enterprise search solutions and focus on FAST, although drop won’t be an instantaneous action. We are currently using both (and IDOL/IUS will still remain under the bonnet of native Worksite search) but believe that FAST is a better strategic bet, given where Microsoft are taking it, and that BA Insight have the right technology and experience to make FAST work for us in a legal environment.”

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SharePoint 2013 is going to include FAST – it seemed to me I would have been crazy to opt for anything OTHER than BAInsight

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