Baker McKenzie, led by global director of legal operations David Cambria, is in the process of building Onit as a matter management system, we can reveal.

Speaking to Legal IT Insider about new tech being rolled out at the firm (see interview page X), Cambria says: “The primary technology we’re going to use is Onit, which found its legs doing workflow but also matter management – I’ve bought from them before and have had input into the product.

“The first thing is that it brings work to the people and pushes work to that individual when I need them to do it.  The underlying system of record is good at breaking down processes into micro-processes, so the workflow goes to the next person.  When I’ve rolled it out elsewhere often people are interacting but don’t know – that’s the magic of it.  You don’t have to change the stack, I want to use it as an overlay.  It replaces what they were building out in SharePoint.”

It is hoped that Onit will enhance the holistic engagement of different stakeholders.  Cambria adds: “I’m building it now. Their toolkit understands how to deal with workflow and as an underlying relational database it is highly configurable – I’m configuring it to do what I need to do.

“They don’t have an out of the box product but our past history convinced them to do it.  They are focussed on corporate but may have one law firm client.”