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Bason gone from Shoosmiths – where next for SAP?

We’re hearing reports that David Bason, the IS director at Shoosmiths, left the firm earlier this week. We’re not sure where this leaves the firm’s SAP implementation project – our sources say they are still waiting to go live and in the meantime running Elite Enterprise.

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Still running Enterprise? How can that be when here in this esteemed organ back in March it was reported: “…‘Ranga’ Ranganathan said FOLLOWING THE SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION of its LMS (Legal Management Solution) at Shoosmiths (the official sign off is expected in early May)…”?
… Yes – it’s apparently a system David Thorpe sold them in about 1947 CC

My sources say that the SAP/TCS implementation is sound and the business application has been signed off. However the problem seems to be more about data conversion something that David Bason insisted be kept in-house with support from a 3rd party consulting group! Oh dear what a pity…!!

But there can’t still be problems with conversion if it was successfully implemented (their words) back in March, surely?

I’m not entirely sure TCS has ever said “successfully implemented”. I attended the March event and I heard the “solution has been signed off” and go live would be sometime in June. If people really want to understand why go live has not happened, surely the title of this thread gives you a ‘B’ig clue!

What has happened to Shoosmiths and TCS SAP roll out.

Has it gone live yet?

Last we heard was that it was about to go live “in a few weeks” – but that was 2 years ago. Since then, just the sound of SAP/TCS tumbleweeds rolling around Northampton…

It is going Live in November. it seems to be a great product

…Looking at the IP address of this comment, we’re guessing this comment came in from the Tata/TCS LMS team in India ..Ed.

So I guess that it has gone live?
No News from TCS about this product. Anyone know whats happening?
No UK Sales force. PS Ranga left TCS?

…Tumbleweeds roll by but no news from TCS about Shoosmiths or any other deals ..Ed

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