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Berrymans Lace Mawer swap out Axxia in favour of Aderant – UPDATED

Berrymans Lace Mawer LLP (currently ranked #33 on the Insider 250 chart) has selected Aderant Expert to replace its existing legacy practice management system. According to the Insider 250 chart, the legacy system was a LexisNexis Axxia PMS.

The firm says that after a substantial increase in the volume and complexity of client work over the years, BLM wanted a flexible and scalable practice management system that could cater to its changing organizational demands as a large business while supporting its future growth.  Additionally, BLM required sophisticated financial reporting capabilities to meet the needs of the firm’s management and clients. BLM also wanted its new practice management system to be built on standard Microsoft technologies so it would provide a low total cost of ownership. The firm also wanted to ensure that it was open and could be easily integrated with other applications. “After carefully examining all of our options, we determined that Aderant provided us with the best mix of advanced technology, comprehensive functionality, and proven service and support,” said Fran Evans, Head of Information Technology at BLM. 
In addition to Aderant Expert’s core functionality, BLM also licensed Aderant’s new Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation-based file opening application and workflow capabilities that make up the Aderant Expert Golden Gate Release.

• We have since learned that the final PMS choice was a straight run-off between Aderant and Elite 3E. We also understand BLM also reviewed their case management platform (as distinct from the Aderant Workflow functionality) opting to remain with Flosuite – which presumably counts as another vote  of no confidence in the LexisNexis stable of Axxia and Visualfiles?

5 replies on “Berrymans Lace Mawer swap out Axxia in favour of Aderant – UPDATED”

As reported recently, Crown Law kicks out Aderant. Now BLM buys Aderant. Brave, stupid, or just a very emotional sector that we work in?

So let me get this straight, Boodle, Collyer, Farrer, Hill Hofstetter and Taylor Wessing (Germany) still not live and with Hill Dickinson before them in the queue…any others?…..makes you wonder what their projected start date is let alone live date?
Did they visit any live sites using the current version as part of the exercise ?? no

There are of course plenty of live sites running the current version … They are of course mainly existing sites, to whom upgrading ADERANT Expert is second nature, so plenty of sites exist for references. And it should be remembered that the current version is 7.5, not Golden Gate which is an addendum containing the MS workflow and other features based around the MS Framework technology.
The truth is that due to unfamiliarity and the need for conversion, any green field site will take longer to implement a version that a brownfield site merely upgrading, and that such a truth holds true for all products.
Speaking of which it's good to see new sales happening for all products; obviously no generalisations can be made, as some have tried to do here, about the products merits based upon postings based on press releases. Each product has its pros and con's and it's up to the clients to choose.

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