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Best April First Joke du jour ?

Yes, it is April Fool's Day and unless anyone has a better example, here is the best spoof report we've seen today, courtesy of Daniel Pollick, the Global CIO at DLA Piper UK LLP. It took the form of a email he sent out this morning to his IT staff…


Today is an exciting day. Following the succesful (sic) implementation of Elite in the UK, we are now able to announce the next step in the development of our matrix structure – IT is to become a fully fledged fee earning group. With immediate effect, everyone in IT is designated as an internal fee earner, and must use Elite to record their time and bill our internal clients.

At noon today, we will circulate training and guidance materials, together with all the internal client and matter codes you will require to capture your time effectively. We will also be agreeing billing targets for every IT team, to which everyone's remuneration will be linked.

This logical evolution of IT will enable us to become even more culturally in tune with our internal customers, and, by 'eating our own dog food', we will be able to understand and support our fee earners more effectively.

Look out for more exciting announcements in the coming weeks,  including the results of our technology trials investigating:

• the replacement of our email and document management systems with Gmail and Google Docs
• the phasing out of Blackberries in favour of iPhones
• the use of redundant Sky+ and Tivo boxes to extend the capacity and responsiveness of the NetApp San infrastructure

2 replies on “Best April First Joke du jour ?”

Actually I think Daniel Pollick has missed a trick. Instead of iPhones they could use iPod Touch devices. They are cheaper to buy and they support wi-fi comms for email and web browsing, so there's no need to to sign up for expensive airtime contracts with O2. Of course it would mean DLA staff would run up a fortune buying cappuccinos in Starbucks, so they could use the free wi-fi – and they'd all put on weight eating those blueberry muffins…

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