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Best jolly of the year… ever?

For some time now, the famous Bighand jolly of last summer – flying chosen customers off to Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons restaurant at Great Milton for a slap up lunch – has held a place in some law firm IT directors' hearts (and stomachs) as the best jolly ever. But now it looks as if Bighand has been edged into the silver position with Workshare taking the gold in the Fabby Jolly stakes (see what we've done there, bit of olympiad style imagery.) 

Last Friday (15 August) Workshare chartered Leopard 3 – a transatlantic record breaking yacht – and took (and we quote – no names but it is from one of the IT ladies who lunch) a “bunch of fabulous IT types on it last Friday. Talking champagne and strawberries, fab lunch, Pimms, speed boat alongside, loads of other yachts taking photos of us (felt like a rock star). “
So is this the best jolly ever? And can anyone top it? Vendors, this means you – your IT buying audience want you to start competing for next Fabby Jolly. (The Insider is also launching a Fabby Jolly Wall of Fame to give vendor marketing departments due recognition for funding beanos above and beyond the call of duty. And no, AIM Professional's now legendary – nay mythical – tour of the fish docks in Hull in 1978, followed by a slap up fish 'n' chip supper with unlimited sliced bread, mushy peas and cups of tea, does not count.)

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Excellent!, Especially sailing, BTW everyone is always welcome on my boat on the Cheseapeake, you just have to get to DC ! Speaking of jollies one supplier was taking guests from the ILTA conferance in Phonenix by Learjet to Las Vegas from Scottsdale exec airport and back in one evening ! Lap it up, everyone loves a jolly !

And ahoy there Cap'n Rupert. In fact the Orange Rag will be at ILTA next week so we'll report on any jollies above and beyond the call of reality and feasibility.

This is easily beaten by the lunch at Dans le noir. No it wasnt an attempt to 'experience' the difficulties of the partially sighted and it wasnt an attempt to get in touch with your other senses – it was the only way they could get respectable IT Directors to lunch with the very same “lady what lunches” – she arrived before anyone else and by the time she had revealed her presence it was too dark to leave!

I'm just going back through my list of who was at that lunch and when I find out who posted this…

…..i'll take them off my invitation list to my Scarepoint as a DMS launch in 2012 (already lined up to be part of the Olympics opening ceremony – me and Boris will arrive on a tandem)

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