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Exclusive: BigHand acquires North American legal digital dictation software solution Verdatum

BigHand today announced that it has acquired Verdatum, an award-winning US legal digital dictation software solution, growing BigHand’s client base to more than 170,000 users worldwide.

BigHand, a global leader in voice productivity for legal professionals, today announced that it has acquired* Verdatum, an award-winning US legal digital dictation software solution, growing BigHand’s client base to more than 170,000 users worldwide.

Jon Ardron, CEO of BigHand, commented: “The coming together of BigHand and Verdatum is  a concept that has been in discussion for quite some time and it represents a shared vision of inventive and reliable voice technologies for busy professionals. The Verdatum solution’s highly-regarded reputation in the U.S. is a direct result of its focus on the specific dictation needs of law firms. It is this commitment to the legal industry that aligns precisely with BigHand’s mission of providing law firms with client-led innovations, such as our new FreeMe native iPad app, that help lawyers get more done with their voice and aid firms with business process workflow strategies. We are pleased that they have trusted BigHand with servicing its clients as client service has always been at the heart of everything we do at BigHand.”

Prior to the acquisition, the company behind Verdatum had been developing two products: Verdatum, its well-established workflow digital dictation software solution, and Verbble, a revolutionary voice input system that enables non-legal businesses to enhance their internal applications, such as CRM, with speech recognition. With its sights set on this new venture with Verbble, and trading under a new company name as Verbble, the management team will not be joining BigHand.

John Methfessel, CEO & President, of Verbble explained the decision to sell its voice productivity and workflow digital dictation software to BigHand, saying: “The sale of our voice productivity and workflow digital dictation software is an important step towards our commitment and focus on the Verbble product. Once we made the decision to re-focus, we knew BigHand was the vendor of choice for our legal business. Its reputation for client service in the legal marketplace has been recognized time and time again, including by members of independent organizations such as ILTA. We knew we were putting our valued clients in good hands, so it proved to be a win-win situation. We are very excited about the future of Verbble and are confident that the continued innovation BigHand has demonstrated in the legal marketplace will no doubt benefit current Verdatum users in the future.”

The BigHand team will be running a series of meet and greets with Verdatum clients throughout April to discuss immediate individual client needs and future requirements. Beth Thompson, Director of Sales for BigHand in the U.S., and Ramon Goris, Client Services Manager, North America can be contacted at 312.893.5906 or email: beth.thompson@bighand and

The deal value has not been disclosed, however the consideration payable has been satisfied from existing cash resources rather than new borrowings. BigHand is backed by Bridgepoint Development Capital together with the senior management team.

* Intellectual property assets and associated customer contracts of Verdatum