Today, BigHand, the market leading provider of digital dictation workflow solutions, announces its integration with Worldox document management system software for Windows.

The integration between the Worldox and BigHand Windows applications will allow a user to profile and create a document within Worldox from the BigHand dictation application. The document is automatically attached to the dictation as a link, allowing an attorney to review the created document within BigHand as part of an advanced workflow if required. The link can also be utilized in conjunction with BigHand’s email notifications system, meaning that an attorney can receive notification of completion of the document and then access it in Worldox, all from a single email. In addition, BigHand’s Speech Recognition also works ‘out-of-the-box’ with Worldox, since Worldox is integrated with Microsoft Word.

Tom Spelling, Product Manager at BigHand comments “The integration between BigHand and Worldox is significant in that it will allow firms using the Worldox DMS to seamlessly integrate their document creation through dictation, with no changes to their current workflow and document management process. Both the BigHand and Worldox systems are built on the premise of making processes as efficient as possible for the end user, and they integrate quite nicely to make the document creation process even more simple.”

The integration with Worldox is yet another step in BigHand’s mission to integrate into the broader spectrum of the legal IT ecosystem. Eric Wangler, President, BigHand North American says, “Legal technologies are by necessity becoming more and more integrated with other mainstream technologies. At BigHand we realize the need to streamline and simplify how technology works in order help the end user easily integrate it into their daily workflow and ultimately make their lives easier.”

COMMENT: The deal also reflects the growing strength of Worldox within the US DMS market, where (with the decline of OpenText) Worldox is now seen as the only viable alternative for firms concerned about the perceived cost and complexity of Autonomy iManage or reluctant to embrace the cloud with NetDocuments.