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Bighand digital dictation delivering benefits to small & mid-size firms

BigHand, the leader in voice productivity technology (VPT) and enterprise digital dictation in the legal marketplace, today announced three more firms upgraded their antiquated dictation systems to BigHand: Aronberg Goldgehn (Chicago, IL), Hanft Fride (Duluth, MN) and Shefsky Froelich Ltd. (Chicago, IL).  BigHand’s voice productivity technology combines its enterprise digital dictation software with smartphone applications and speech recognition, giving lawyers the ability to use their voice to be more productive, while providing law firms with operational efficiencies and better client service.

Hanft Fride a small firm in Duluth, MN has 18 attorneys. Kevin Rappana, Administrator, discussed the investment required to upgrade to BigHand versus staying with an antiquated system, explaining “I knew there were efficiencies and advantages to going digital but the initial cost held me back for a while. It wasn’t until the cost of servicing the old system got to the point of costing about the same as buying a digital machine that I started to take a closer look. Since moving to BigHand, we have started to test out the speech recognition and see potential for major efficiency boosts to the support staff where it’s being used. I am excited about the possibilities that speech recognition presents in terms of productivity.”

Enzo Spinelli, Director of Information Technology, and Sylvia Boyd-Taylor, HR Director, for Shefsky Froelich Ltd. described the striking difference between its antiquated system and BigHand, with Ms. Boyd-Taylor saying “We immediately saw the efficiency gains and streamlining with BigHand.”  Mr. Spinelli continued, “BigHand’s workflow capabilities give us a high-level view of all the work that is in the queue. Night staff and legal assistant floaters can see all departments and practice group files, ensuring that the work is completed in a timely and efficient manner.”

John Riccione, Managing Partner at 42-lawyer firm Aronberg Goldgehn and BigHand user commented on his experience using the iPhone application and the impact the upgrade has had on his firm: “I love it. The iPhone app is incredibly easy to use. When lawyers are out of the office, they can dictate anything into the iPhone and send them in one at a time. The voice files go to an assistant and a back-up, just in case support staff gets overloaded and work needs to be transferred. With BigHand, the office manager can very easily re-organize the workflow. Our investment in Bighand has been fantastic for the firm. Work turnaround times have dramatically improved.”