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Bighand lands major digital dictation deal in Canada

BigHand has announced that one of Canada’s leading transaction law firms – Goodmans LLP – has chosen BigHand as its workflow digital dictation solution. Having used a traditional dictation hardware and software package for basic dictation previously, the 200+ lawyer firm is in the process of upgrading to workflow software with BigHand alongside continued use of their existing hardware.

Explaining the firm’s motivation to upgrade their dictation software system, Supervisor of Applications at Goodmans LLP, Kevin Powers, said “Because our lawyers all practice in different ways and the assistants work in smaller groups, as opposed to a centralized typing pool, we needed a digital dictation system that would enable us to implement multiple customized workflows. Our previous dictation system did not have the sophistication of workflow that we required. We looked at alternative systems and BigHand allowed us to achieve this. Lawyers can choose where to send the dictation dependent on urgency, scenario and confidentiality.”

Jay Bodnar, Application Analyst for the firm, assisted in the implementation and added, “A huge selling point for us was the ability to integrate BigHand with our email system.  The assistants like the fact that they are notified of incoming dictations via email, even if the BigHand system is not open on their desktops.  Our basic system didn’t allow for this. BigHand’s integration better assures that lawyers’ submitted dictations are being addressed.”

Mr. Bodnar also commented on the ease of training saying, “BigHand is highly advanced but the training required was minimal. Two of the pilot users didn’t even need training.  A major benefit we came to realize with BigHand is that the lawyers didn’t really have to change their way of working except to determine how they wanted their workflow set up.”

The firm was able to utilize their existing digital hardware devices with the BigHand implementation, adding to the investment benefits as BigHand software is compatible with legacy hardware regardless of manufacturer.  BigHand’s smartphone apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android have also opened up even more options for Goodmans LLP.   Kevin Powers said, “The smartphone app is partly what is helping to drive adoption amongst the lawyers. Most of them want this feature because it saves them from carrying two devices. Additionally, with the BigHand dictation app, they can dictate and send dictations to their assistants from wherever they are, making them more productive while out of the office.”