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Bighand launch analytics module

Bighand has launched a new analytics module that uses Crystal Reports to provide digital dictation users with key metric and trend visibility data relating to document production, dictation and remote working practices. Backed up by a new reporting database, there is now a full audit trail of the history and progress of every dictation. We could rabbit on longer about it but these graphics and the YouTube video link are probably more useful…

And here's the link to YouTube:

3 replies on “Bighand launch analytics module”

In other words – Bighand integrates with crystal.
I wonder why other suppliers haven't though of doing that?

I have been using WinSciribe Crystall reports for the past 10 years..
Looks like WinScribe's main competitor is a decade behind the times

Yes, winscribe have had this facility for years – it seems when they inherited Nflow, they took on the infamous marketing BS with it

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