BigHand has launched a cloud-based Professional Edition of its digital dictation software in North America, the UK and rest of EMEA which is delivered securely via the web and requires no on-premise server infrastructure to run. The cloud-based Professional Edition now makes many of the team collaboration and mobile-working features from BigHand’s award-winning Enterprise Edition available to professionals within smaller firms or with lighter dictation requirements.

Benefits of the new Professional Edition include:
·         Quick and easy to implement, support and upgrade
·         Removes the infrastructure cost of an on-premise server
·         Removes the cost of on-site implementation services
·         Compatible with any iPhone, BlackBerry or Android device/operating system
·         Compatible with any professional recording hardware currently on the market
·         Multiple work-sharing options, live progress updates and multi-step document workflow
·         High data security standards with 256-bit AES file encryption

Dan Speed, Managing Director of BigHand’s new Global Cloud Services division, commented: “For those firms who may not have an in-house server infrastructure, who are moving toward a cloud- driven IT strategy, or just have a small group or team of dictation users who want to improve their voice productivity, we now have a fully featured product that can be delivered immediately and without the back-end overhead of a full on-premise Enterprise system. Client security is obviously paramount and robust information security management is considered mission critical at BigHand. We are ISO27001 certified, and employ the highest levels of cloud-security.”

YouTube videos featuring the software can be found here – or further details detail the BigHand Professional Edition email