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Bighand launches v4 – start of different stance to Winscribe?

BigHand today announces the release of the 4th Edition of its digital dictation workflow software. The release also delivers convergence of popular user requested nFlow features within the BigHand platform. Bighand CEO Jon Ardron comments “The release of BigHand 4 is a significant landmark in the development of voice productivity technology. Following the acquisition of nFlow in 2010, we promised our customers a major new version that would deliver enhanced efficiency and greater value. By taking the best of both BigHand and nFlow platforms, and combining those with a suite of innovative new features and tools such as Advanced Multistep Workflow, the release of BigHand 4 demonstrates our continued commitment to customer delivery and development of highly accessible voice productivity software.”
BigHand 4 features include (+ see Comment)…
• Control the entire document production process via Advanced Multistep Workflow
Easily create powerful and flexible multistep workflows to move dictations and associated documents through a series of desired actions and to multiple destinations, all within the same product without the need to buy additional business process management software.
• Maximising voice-to-text accuracy via unique Speech Recognition Pre-Learning Utility
Quickly and simply pre-train authors’ speech profiles using their existing dictations to ensure highly accurate results from the very first time of use.
• Save time on the move via enhanced Mobile Email Integration – Use your smartphone to attach an email to a voice file, or insert an existing attachment, and forward to admin support for faster document turnaround.
• Increase smartphone productivity with BigHand for Android. BigHand now supports Android dictation on a variety of devices including the HTC Desire, Motorola Milestone2 and Samsung Galaxy S.
• Improve information management via new Autonomy iManage Integration – Off-the-shelf integration for authors to profile dictations either from within iManage or BigHand, without switching; references to docs stored in iManage can be attached to transcribed dictations.
• Minimise lawyer profiling via Practice Builder – Pre-build a list of clients and matters ready for authors to record against by importing data held in a third-party system such as a case management system, voice files are pre-profiled with key data.
• Increase draft quality via Bookmarking – Converged from the nFlow product, users can now bookmark points for reference within a voice file and add additional notes, improving the communication of critical info.
• Reduces administrator input via Send Anywhere – Also converged from nFlow, authors can now dynamically choose the recipient of their voice file without the need for admin to create a new workflow.
• Improve security with Confidential Dictations – Authors can mark a dictation as confidential by simply checking a tick box, without the need to create confidential workflows and accessible only by the author and specified recipient.
A video demo is available here

Comment: OK, so along with combining the most popular elements of the nFlow product, new features include improved integration with the Autonomy iManage DMS, a speech recognition pre-learning utility to maximise voice-to-text accuracy (we’ve tried this and it really works.) In addition, primarily for the US market, Bighand has introduced enhanced mobile email integration, so an email can be attached to a voice file on a smartphone, plus support for dictation on Google Android phones.

But, probably the key enhancement is the Advanced Multistep Workflow. This allows users to build complex workflows to move dictations and associated documents through a series of actions but within the core dictation product and without the need to buy additional BPM software. This is interesting as we are now seeing some clear blue water appear between Bighand and arch-rivals Winscribe who have taken a different approach to BPM.

Winscribe this month announced the integration of its Winscribe BPM product with its long established Winscribe Dictation system to give users a far wider range of workflow capabilities than was previously possible, so dictation and transcription can be merged with the broader document production process. However the Bighand tack is you don't need an additional BPM app because we have built all the necessary additional functionality into our core DDS. Interesting.

One reply on “Bighand launches v4 – start of different stance to Winscribe?”

Interesting divergence in strategy indeed Charles.
Winscribe Dictation already includes multi-step workflow routing and adds escalation, notification, staff availability and schedule adherance to the workflow. This allows workflows to be defined that automatically adhere to business rules, rather than leaving them as manual tasks.
We believe BPM can further enhance this functionality because each customer tends to have different requirements. They want workflow decisions to be controlled by external data or business rules not present in dictation systems. Only by having the flexibility to incorporate these elements into the workflow can we truly meet the customer's requirements, and better still, the rules can be changed on the fly as often as is required. This is unique to Winscribe, not cost prohibitive and opens up our platform for creative new ways of using voice.
After all, voice is not dead, its just been rebranded as multi-media.
Philip Vian
CEO Winscribe Europe

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