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BigHand making more inroads into US voice tech space

BigHand today announced that three more top 250 US law firms have implemented BigHand: White and Williams LLP (Philadelphia, PA), Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP (Columbia, SC), and Husch Blackwell LLP (St. Louis, MO).

With over 1,200 BigHand users between them and nearly 300 attorneys using one of the BigHand Smartphone applications, the firms discussed the business drivers and various ways BigHand is being used by attorneys and administration for improved efficiencies and productivity.

White & Williams LLP upgraded from a mixture of tape-based and standalone digital dictation systems. Dan Harrison, CIO, explained one of the reasons for upgrading the firm’s dictation technologies, “The standalone system did not scale very well for the amount of users we had. Additionally, there were challenges when temporary secretaries filled in, making work sharing difficult.”  The firm rolled out BigHand to over 250 users, with many attorneys using the Smartphone applications for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. Mr. Harrison commented on the different ways attorneys are using BigHand’s VPT, “It’s a mixed bag. We have attorneys that use it for what you might call traditional dictation, while the younger attorneys are adapting and using BigHand to send more instructional tasks to assistants.”

For Husch Blackwell LLP, BigHand’s flexible workflow and work sharing abilities have helped the firm improve operational efficiencies and reduce overtime costs. BigHand’s VPT allows the firm to efficiently transfer work to any of its 13 offices, reducing the need for staff overtime hours. Bret Chapman, CIO for the firm, explained, “The voice files are not only delivered to each legal administrative assistant (LAA) but also to LAA managers and our Resource Center. They have a high level overview of all work coming in and can very easily reassign work when an LAA is on vacation or overloaded. If additional work comes in at the end of the day, instead of incurring overtime costs, we can easily transfer that work to the Resource Center or another office. Feedback from administration has been very good – they appreciate the ability to manage the work without having to involve IT and we absolutely have seen time savings in that we can turn around work a lot quicker.”

Mike Nesbitt, Systems Engineer at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, described  how attorneys are using BigHand’s VPT at his firm, “We have the full spectrum of users. They use it for document creation, time input, transcription of voicemails, as well as interviews.”  He continued with the business continuity aspects, “Attorneys will use it for submitting documents while on the road or at night, so that the work is completed by the time they get into the office the next morning. Our WP department runs through the night and on weekends, which allows business to continue at all times. Turnaround time has been improved and ease of use is leaps and bounds better than previous systems.”