Later today BigHand will announce the addition of speech recognition capabilities to its secure hosted Cloud dictation solution, BigHand Professional, an exciting advancement for solo and small law firms looking for transcription alternatives. This new functionality features the Dragon SDK from Nuance, hosted in BigHand’s secure cloud infrastructure and embedded within the BigHand Professional Edition technology.

One of the main benefits of this enhancement is that users are able to build their own customized, individual speech profile that is specific to their voice, rather than a generic, public profile. This allows for greater accuracy and precision in voice-to-text translation for legal work. Accuracy rates actually improve with use, and the entire solution is hosted in a secure environment built specifically with the confidentiality needs of lawyers and other professionals in mind.

Another benefit of this enhancement is that unlike similar systems, there is no limit to the volume of speech that can be converted to text on the BigHand system. Many alternative solutions have a time limit for speech-to-text conversion in the cloud. In addition, with the BigHand solution, speech is typically returned as text within minutes or hours depending on the length of the dictation submitted. However, there is a maximum guideline of a 48-hour turnaround time with the service.

Dan Speed, Managing Director Global Cloud comments, “We have worked with Nuance to make the Dragon Server SDK, which has been so popular in the legal vertical with our Enterprise users, available within our secure cloud infrastructure. It means that our BigHand Professional users can now subscribe to a basic Speech Recognition service that still allows them to build and maintain their own custom speech profile, while removing barriers related to in-house server investment for smaller firms. Server-grade Speech Recognition technology is now accessible for the small firm user and is a legitimate alternative to internal or external transcription services.”

The speech recognition module is sold as an add-on to the core BigHand Professional dictation annual subscription, and is available immediately in the US, UK, Europe and Australia. For more information visit