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BigHand server-based speech recognition integration cuts transcription time by 60%

BigHand today announced that St.Louis-based firm Evans & Dixon LLC has introduced BigHand’s speech recognition integration with Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking to select staff, reducing the document transcription process by upwards of 60%.

With an established reputation in the insurance and business industry for its commitment to helping clients achieve their objectives, Jeff Sheldon, Chief Information Officer, Evans & Dixon LLC, explained the firm’s motivation behind trying BigHand’s Server-Based speech recognition integration, saying “Reducing transcription time was the central business driver. When you are a growing firm like we are, you are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and get more work done in a timely matter. Running dictations through the speech recognition engine makes the document turnaround time more efficient and allows our support staff to focus on higher value work such as client service matters.”

Commenting on where the firm finds the most benefit for utilizing BigHand’s speech recognition integration, Mr. Sheldon said, “The heaviest users and our biggest fans are the attorneys who submit longer dictations for documents, as well as, dissertations. The secretaries can run the dictation through the speech recognition engine and significantly reduce their transcription time. One secretary has seen her time spent on transcribing documents reduced by 60% with the integration. Once they start using it, they really start to see how this can help them be more efficient and focus on other important assignments. The accuracy is extremely good so the secretaries love it and the training is minimal for the attorneys, which is a huge selling point.”