BigHand today announced that
Halliwells LLP, ranked within the top 40 UK law firms in terms of number of fee
earners, has signed up to switch from their current Winscribe dictation system
supplied by SRC, to BigHand voice productivity technology across the firm. The
700+ user software changeover will take place early this year. (We understand BigHand will shortly be announcing another UK top 100 deal.)


Rowe, Partner & IT Director at Halliwells said
“As a firm we have been established users of digital dictation technology for a
number of years now. In line with our annual review and following an appraisal
of the technology and opportunities available we have chosen to move our digital
dictation platform to BigHand. As in all technology changes we had to review a
number of factors such as business and technological fit, strategic direction,
the ease of change and commercial return on investment. Put simply, we felt
that the BigHand solution suited our needs now and in the future and we look
forward to working with them as a strategic provider to the firm.”