BigHand today announced that 30 separate firms have adopted BigHand’s new cloud-based Professional Edition since its launch in mid-April this year. A further 22 firms have migrated onto the software-as-a-service (SaaS) application from end-of-life on-premise dictation technologies.

With the data security standards offered by BigHand Professional a pre-requisite, new user firms have quickly identified that the ease and speed of implementation alongside wide platform support (including smartphones and any dictation hardware) combine to present a strong case for cloud adoption. Feedback from users about the BigHand Professional Edition has included:

Stewart Graham at Berlad Graham commented: “It has been frighteningly easy to install and get working”.

Roger Gustafson at Faulkner Law LLC said: “The smartphone app has been a tremendous asset. As litigation attorneys, we are always on the go and the smartphone app allows our lawyers to get projects to the office quickly and safely. Overall, we are very pleased with BigHand.”

Cindy Westbook at Sinnertons remarked: “It’s all working no problems at all. The installation was very straight forward. A partner is dictating from the beach in Turkey at the moment so he is very happy”.

Will Cowell at Miller Sands noted: “It was nice to be moved over to a new system quickly and painlessly”.

Dan Speed, Managing Director of BigHand’s Global Cloud Services division, added: “We are delighted that customer satisfaction with the new cloud service has been high. The system has been designed to be easy-to-install and to use, either on the desktop or while mobile, and without the overhead of an onpremise server. But there is much more to come from BigHand Professional, with some new products and voice add-ons already in the pipeline via the cloud.”