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Blackberry and digital dictation – the latest

As the war of words continues between Bighand and nFlow (total silence from Winscribe, the other big player in the digital dictation market) over the use of Blackberrys as a DDS recording device, Bighand have asked to point out that the recent posting by a “David Jones” was not made by a Bighand employee.

Dan Speed, the head of marketing at Bighand also adds “You may want to include a couple of facts that are pertinent re carriers and the 8700 to help clear things up:

Vodafone – acceptance testing for OS 4.2.1 for the 8707 is actually completed and this will be available on the public download site very soon. They can't give a firm date on the 8700, but estimate end May/early June.

Orange – are planning to release OS 4.2.1 for the 8700 and intend to start acceptance testing early June.”

The Insider has also learned that at least two other vendors will be launching Blackberry based DDS offerings over the next few months, this follows a change in policy by Blackberry's developers RIM to allow greater access to some of its proprietary technology.