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Blackberry, Manflu and Twitter

So anyway, I'm laid-up with manflu over Christmas so I do what any bored technology journalist does in these circumstances, I start playing with gadgets and downloading software updates. In particular, I'm looking for a new Twitter client for my Blackberry. I'm running a newish Blackberry 8900 (OS v4.6.1) and while the standard Orangatame TwitterBerry app still works, its now looking clunky when compared with the apps you can now get for the desktop or the Apple iPhone platform.

TweetDeck – my first choice – is unavailable on the Blackberry (altho it is on the iPhone) so I try Orangatame's OpenBeat 1.1. It downloads OK but, despite several attempts and reloads, fails to either open or run. My next choice is the new Twitter Client for Blackbery from Seesmic, who also produce the popular Twhirl app for the desktop. History repeats itself and I get the same experience as with OpenBeat – despite several attempts and reloads, fails to either open or run.

I then try Beejive's TweetGenius app, this is a pay-for app (about $7.99) and on paper it looks very good. I've also had a couple of personal recommendations. However the problem this time is I cannot get the Google e-payments system to accept my credit card details via the Blackberry – doubly annoying as I do have a Google account that works perfectly well on the desktop. After wasting an inordinate amount of time (well there was nothing to watch on TV) I give up. Memo to Beejive: you might trying offering some alternative e-payments services, such as Paypal.

Then it is on to option #4 – Uber Twitter, which is free to download for Blackberry App World. And it works a treat, dowloads, opens and starts running first time – and offers pretty much everything anyone would want from a Twitter client, including alternative ways of organising and viewing tweets and timelones, as well as the ability to format new tweets to include pictures, symbols and shrunken URL links. So, end of story and I'm happy – apart from the still ongoing manflu that is.

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I've seen others with the same technology problems. Google the ID-ten-T error, and you'll find instructions there on how to resolve it. 😉

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