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Blake Dawson select

Blake Dawson has selected Elite 3E to replace its legacy financial and practice management system. The commercial law firm is the largest firm in the region to partner with Elite to upgrade its technology platform and enhance internal processes.

According to deputy managing partner Helen McKenzie “The Elite team brought a depth of experience, knowledge and a proven process that enabled us to address each issue in an open and professional environment. Furthermore, the strength of the Thomson Reuters brand and Elite’s focus on the legal market are significant advantages as we feel we are working with the best in the industry. The level of flexibility and sophistication in 3E gave our entire team the confidence that we were making the right long-term decision and we look forward to successfully implementing the solution across our offices throughout Asia Pacific.”

Comment: I think it's fair to say Elite has finally exorcised the curse of the troubled A&O 3E implementation.

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Have they, or does this say more about Aderant's current difficulties and their inability to persuade an existing client, and a very large one in that region, to move from Keystone to Expert?

Ah, it's no fun if you don't share… I know going back quite some time there were considerable issues with 3E projects – to be expected for any new piece of software. Not heard any significant concerns raised for some time though, and given the number of firms now operational and what seems to be quite a rapid uptake of new clients it would seem that the product has matured. Looks like Elite went through some pain but the payoff is they have the jump on everyone with the only new solution out there and we're seeing the natural outcome of that advantage. Good luck to Aderant I guess… they're going to need it.

Slightly more than good luck needed i feel. Perhaps a good look at how things are being run, Not to mention the ageing products

Sorry, missed the mark there – just an independent observer, and posting using my login which you are not. Not sure why you would consider this a 'marketing' response – it a fair assessment of the state of play. If you disagree, I would be interested to hear your perspective. After all isn't that what sites like these are for?
To be honest I'm more interested in what our other anonymous poster has to say about the inner workings at Aderant. I sense a disgruntled employee just aching to vent. Come on now anon, as Frasier Crane would say “I'm Listening”…

Anyone read the recent Technology Insider with the review about new Aderant products (and no I am not a sales rep for the orange rag)? 3E is great if you are into having your own R&D team in house to finish building the system – seems costly though! Clear choice really – a pre-packaged, customisable solution which might have some limitations (but given the number and variety of firms who have been using and growing with Aderant, there aren't many) or a completely open, development workbench so you can build your very own, bespoke system. If you're reading all these entries to help you decide which way to go – ensure that the IT guys don't have too big a sway -they always pick the 'new toys' to play with!

as someone who has seen both systems, let me dispel that last myth. 3E works out of the box (without those admitted limitations for Aderant that the poster made a point of). It also does allow further configurations and is completely open, but the idea of suggesting that you have to build your own system is disingenuous at the very least.

Agreed – blatantly incorrect with regard to 3E, and obviously a malicious comment from an opposing vendor. It's great when posts here get a little lively, but I don't think outright lies have a place here do they? It only serves to demean us all.

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