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Blandy & Blandy roll out Pilgrim DMS

Thames Valley law firm Blandy & Blandy, which swapped out Axxia Arista in favour of the Pilgrim LawSoft PMS  in late 2006, has now rolled out Pilgrim Client Matter Inception workflows, Probate case management and an ambitious complete installation of LawSoft’s integrated Document Management & Assembly System.
Nick Burrows, Blandy & Blandy joint managing partner said “We were keen to exploit the efficiency and risk management gains afforded by the LawSoft Document Management and Assembly module. Our objective was to have all documents created and saved within LawSoft so that we could ensure consistency of content and presentation, which is difficult to achieve without a tool such as this. This, supplemented by our own in-house development skills, has allowed us to come up with an extremely powerful, flexible and easy to use document management and production solution which, I’m pleased to say, has more than matched our initial vision.”
Applications Manager, DBA & In House Trainer Raheela Fernandes added “The LawSoft document assembly and workflow tools, along with my existing Visual Basic skills, have enabled me to build a system that now means close to 100% of the firm’s documents are created from LawSoft Quick Launch or from a LawSoft workflow.  This method of document production has allowed for greater uniformity and consistency across the firm as well as better control over document creation.  The accuracy and efficiency gains have been tremendous.”

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I'd be interested to know if the firm recently decided to roll out the additional elements of Lawsoft or if they have been waiting four years to deploy them.

The actual project to implement LawSoft didn’t start until early summer 2007 and went live in late 2007, as scheduled. The LawSoft DMS went live across the whole firm as part of the initial project and has been continually developed since. We have added to the functionality in the intervening period both in terms of the Lawsoft technology, and improving our use of the Microsoft elements.We find that the more we use the system, the more we make small tweaks to get more from it.
Nick Burrows, Blandy & Blandy LLP

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