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Bowling for Charity

A big thanks to David Gilroy of Conscious Solutions for inviting Orange Rag editor Charles Christian to join his team for the Ashton Graham Solicitors charity 10-pin bowling event in Bury St Edmunds last night (Thursday 31st March). The good news is the event (which also was an excellent networking event) attracted 24 teams and raised over £2700 for the Each children's hospice and Alzheimer's Society charities. The bad news is the event revealed 10-pin bowling is yet another ball-related game at which Charles Christian is terrible – in fact his contribution was so bad that the team came close to being renamed Unconscious Solutions.

One reply on “Bowling for Charity”

CC adds… perhaps I should sum up my involvement as bowling for humiliation – but at least Team Conscious didn't come last. (Strewth, I've got aches in muscles I didn't know I had.)

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