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Boyes Turner drop Axxia for Elite

Boyes Turner, based in Reading, UK has selected Elite 3E to replace its legacy LexisNexis Axxia system. The firm included Aderant in its evaluation for an advanced financial and practice management system. Boyes Turner's finance director Jeremy Sleap said “Following a review of the market, we chose 3E as we believe that it gives us a flexible platform, which will develop with the firm over the coming decade.”

4 replies on “Boyes Turner drop Axxia for Elite”

You may be onto something CC (in your Barlow Lyde & Gilbert comment earlier this week). Perhaps the fog around 3E really is lifting and the free-ride that Aderant have had for the last 18 months is finished. About time too.

Welcome back elite, always nice to see someone stand back up after a horrible fall.

Perhaps some would say that the Elite resurgence was due anyway … 3E was always going to pick up.
ADERANT had a good spell, but it's a level playing field again.
But ADERANT have droppped the ball in the last 6 months in EMEA; not due to product, more about people.

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