We clearly started something with our picture of the nFlow freebie flask at the top of an Alpine mountain as we've now been sent a picture of a promo hat from Eclipse Legal Systems sunning itself at a bar in Skiathos, Greece. And we suspect Skiathos is where a lot of people would like to be today given that the rail service into London Liverpool Street Station has collapsed, again. (Our condolences to those people on the 5:10am from Norwich to London who, we understand, spent the best part of 4 hours stuck at Maningtree.) Just a thought – given that we are supposed to be living in a 24/7, Web 2.0 digital age – but what is the point of rail services advising passengers to check their websites before they travel when the information available on those sites is so inaccurate as to be useless? Have the muppets taken control of the asylum?