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Breaking news: 1st April from Iridium

Iridium Technology LLC, the consulting firm that is 100% focused on Business Intelligence for law firms, announced today that they are on track with their strategic growth plan to sign up 1.5 million law firms as clients by 2020.

“We have been doubling our client base every six months.” states Tom Jones, President of Iridium Technology. “Projecting that rate out through 2020 will result in us having 1,572,864 clients by Q4 2020.  We are quite excited about the growth of our client base and about enthusiasm in the legal market for Aderant’s ClearView Performance BI offering. We are obviously making plans to scale up our staff to handle more than one million customers – our current plan is to take over the leases on all of the empty Blockbuster stores so we can offer consultants based in all major metropolitan areas”.

“Firms are really responding to our 100% focus on BI for legal and quality implementations.” continues Jones. “As we extend our client base with large and middle tier firms, we are also looking towards smaller firms. As a matter of fact to get to 1.5 million customers, we are defining two new tiers: the micro-firm and nano-firm. We are currently working on a fixed bid implementation of $999 for nano-firms, which will still include a complete implementation of ClearView Performance. Finally, we are offering a free implementation for our one millionth customer, so firms need to start planning for their BI implementations now. Please contact Iridium Technology now for more details about this special offer.

COMMENT: We don’t know what Tom Jones is on but we would like some as well.