Watson JD:  Breaking the Subjectivity Barrier was the presentation given by KMStandards CEO Kingsley Martin at the recent Silicon Valley ReInvent Law event – you kind find a full transcript at

Kingsley Martin married his knowledge of the law with today’s advanced technology capabilities yielding a revolutionizing result. “Although there are dozens of wonderful data bases and software packages for lawyers to support their legal research, we focused on the transactional lawyer and drafting practices,” explains Martin.

Martin bases his software on a set of algorithms that can analyze any group of documents to automatically create a Reference Standard.  This determines what clauses the agreement contains, how those clauses are organized, and the range of standard and non-standard language in each.
“With this software, gone are the hours and hours of research necessary to produce a contract,” explains Martin. “With the push of a button, in just minutes, users can create a solid contract based on thousands of precedents, thus allowing the smart lawyer to focus their time on deal specific negotiations and clauses.”

Martin, a graduate of Oxford and Harvard Law Schools, practiced at a number of the top 50 law firms before moving into the IT field. KMStandards technology is now being used by many of the top law firms in the US and around the world. Martin is recognized as one of the leading legal innovators by the American Bar Association in their Legal Rebel Awards.

COMMENT: Kingsley Martin (no, not the long-time editor of the New Statesman magazine in the UK, not least because that Kingsley Martin has been dead for over 40 years) has interesting ideas that punch far above the weight of his software company which, incidentally, is well worth checking out. And if you were wondering, recipients of the ABA Legal Rebel Awards all received pairs of Doctor Who-style red sneakers.

Also interesting to see that the ReInventLaw series of events is starting to gain traction in the USA and attract the kind of buzz that was once associated with the likes of ILTA and LegalTech NYC.