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Britain's got legal IT talent – maybe?

Daniel Brown's Professional Group Solutions (the people behind The KnowList) has devised a new event – called The KnowTec Forum – that provides a combination of Britain's Got Talent with a vendor legal IT presentation. The idea is a vendor gets 45 minutes time to pitch their product to a panel of legal IT directors. If it goes well, the vendor gets his foot in the door with a dozen major law firms – if it doesn't, well maybe time to start circulating that CV.

The KnowTech Forum gets its first outing on 1st July when CertiVox (see attachment + April issue Legal Technology Insider newsletter for company & product details) are pitching to this panel: Andrew Powell, CIO Nabarro; Tim Hyman, CIO Taylor Wessing; Jan Durant, IT Director Lewis Silkin; Robert Cohen, IT Director Speechly Bircham; Fran Evans, IT Director Berrymans Lace Mawer; Julie Berry, CIO Reynolds Porter Chamberlain; Linda Webster, Head of IT Wedlake Bell; Bruna Pellicci, IT Director Ashurst; Neil Davidson, Head of IT Farrer & Co; Donna Gildea, IT Director CMS Cameron McKenna; Janet Day, CIO Berwin Leighton Paisner; & Christel Aguila, IT Director Winckworth Sherwood.

Blog readers are welcome to suggest who are the Simon Cowells, Piers Morgans and Amanda Holdens of this panel.

10 replies on “Britain's got legal IT talent – maybe?”

So IT Directors from competing firms decide whether a vendor is ‘allowed’ to continue to pitch to a competitor? How odd.

Competing firms? Come off it. Half the IT directors in London seem to have a policy of “we'll buy whatever Janet Day is ordering”

I agree…which kind of defeats the whole purpose of The KnowTec Forum. Still, a useful event for any IT Directors who ego trip on that kind of thing.

Oooo – let me see, do legal IT directors ego trip on this kind of thing? Answers on a postcard.

And we can see it now … “So for your presentation, Mr Vendor, we'd like you to do it in the style of a 50's musical. Get hoofing!”. Nope, no grounds for amusement there then.

No – that is just the authors creative journalism I'm afraid- their is no competitive element and no next round. The truth is that vendors get the opportunity to present new and innovative solutions to a panel for feedback. Any industry benefits from the end users getting involved early in a solutions development. Many of the well known anonymous posters on this site would be much less bitter individuals if they'd engaged customers earlier rather than delivering a not fit for purpose product. And as for who is most like Piers Morgan, well with this type of journalism befitting Piers Sun editor days my vote goes to Charles

Charles Christian writes “Thank you JP – but why do you wear you trousers hitched up so high?”

You could flip it round the other way and just ask the panel what they will commit to, based on what they know would make a differance, therefore what solutions you should develop and then develop against a solid order book

I agree. When I was a member of LiST ( we'd invite vendors in to present to the members It's gives vendors a chance to talk about and around their product/service to a knowledgeable audience.
I remember having a very fruitful meeting with Adobe after LiST didn't make PDF the standard disclosure document exchange format. It still isn't, by the way, for reasons accepted by Adobe at the time (there is a press release about it on their web site).

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