Browne Jacobson has adopted BigHand SmartNote and BigHand Now to automate the creation of routine documents such as attendance notes and improve the efficiency with which tasks are being delegated.

The top 60 UK law firm is engaged in a technology refresh as part of an e-working project focusing on flexibility and mobility, as it also undertakes the firm-wide implementation of LexisOne.

BigHand SmartNote reduces the cost of creating and storing file, attendance and telephone notes by automating manual processes as part of a workflow. Using BigHand Speech Recognition, an author dictates on their desktop, mobile or tablet and routes the dictation to SmartNote, which transcribes the text, creates the Word document and exports the file. Attendance notes can be proof read immediately or as and when required, when any questions can be resolved by reviewing the original dictation.

Kerry Mansell, IT services manager at Browne Jacobson said: “We knew our firm needed to be more efficient when dealing with certain types of documents. The ability to automate the production of routine documents like attendance notes through the use of Speech Recognition and simple workflows from within the BigHand console is a huge benefit for us. It saves time and allows our support teams to focus their efforts on continuing to deliver exceptional client service.”

BigHand Now, meanwhile, is a task delegation solution that allows users to capture, assign and track any kind of task digitally. It is being adopted alongside BigHand Capacity Manager, a solution that analyses how effectively support infrastructure is deployed and helps management to reallocate tasks according to capacity.

Mark Aldrich, head of property litigation at Browne Jacobson said: “Our clients rightly expect a streamlined and efficient back office to allow the lawyers to focus on delivering timely and relevant advice. BigHand provides a key role in supporting us on this. I’ve been impressed with its ease of use and mobile functionality in particular.”