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Burges Salmon go with Elite 3E

Top 50 commercial law firm Burges Salmon has chosen Thomson Elite’s 3E as its new integrated practice and financial management system to replace its old Norwel PMS.

Simon Russell, Finance Director at Burges Salmon, said the Elite 3E system was chosen because of the advanced, easily-configurable nature of its applications. “We chose 3E because it offers unique flexibility and will allow us to manage future expansion and development opportunities. The solution is built on the most progressive, user-friendly technology which will be integral in helping the firm to continuously improve efficiency.
“We feel that we are buying into a future of enhanced functionality and a higher level and quality of management information. A key factor in our decision was the openness of the system, which will allow the firm to integrate it fully with our existing platforms and systems to improve efficiency and help manage ever increasing compliance requirements.
“We are confident that we have chosen the market-leading solution in this field. Thomson Elite has an impressive track record and have a clearly defined commitment to the legal sector. They seem well positioned to deliver future versions of software, to keep improving solutions, and to provide consistent high levels of support. We see this as a future-proof investment. The new system will become an essential tool in  helping us achieve our key strategic objectives and be able to support the firm's future ambitions.”