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But I'm a lady…

News of a new organisation for women working in legal IT in the UK…

Last Thursday (22 April) saw the launch of LILIConnect (LILI = Ladies in Legal Information, geddit) a group set up to support develop and encourage women working in legal information. Membership is open to all women in information roles in law firms and inhouse legal departments, providing an environment for professional and career development and networking with colleagues and peers in the industry.
The inaugural dinner sponsored by Ricoh was attended by the 15-strong executive committee chaired by Janet Day, Director of Technology and Infrastructure Services at Berwin Leighton Paisner, supported by vice chairs Jan Durant IT Director at Lewis Silkin and Julie Berry, IT Director at Reynolds Porter Chamberlain.
LILIConnect is planning a programme of events where women will have the opportunity to discuss topical issues in legal information. The professional development angle includes encouraging women to develop careers in technology & information without feeling intimidated. “If you go to a legal conference, the women are always outnumbered,” observes Janet Day. “We want to give women at all levels in the legal community the opportunity to progress their careers and learn about useful technologies and opportunities in a relaxed and open environment.”
LILIConnect will host a number of events throughout the year that will be sponsored by suppliers. These will be either social networking forums or information seminars developed for the group. Sponsors will have the opportunity to showcase and discuss their latest offerings at these events while also meeting the group’s members informally. Additionally, the group will meet for more low key meetings lasting about an hour and a half to discuss the group’s direction and strategy. Some meetings will be before work and others will be in the evening. Janet Day explains. “For our more general meetings we are aiming to create a low-key informal atmosphere, and for these we are looking for limited sponsorship from suppliers: a meeting room with some tea and coffee rather than a grand reception.”
LILIConnect has already attracted a number of enthusiastic suppliers keen to host the main events throughout the year, so the next step is to build up the membership. “We are currently launching a website and distributing publicity materials launching the group. The next step will be to publish a programme of events.” LILIConnect’s website* will support the events and the community as it will include materials from presentations and provide an exchange environment for members and even mentoring opportunities. The first events will take place in London, but the plan is to organise regional events and roadshows as the group expands.
* While the website is being developed a members group will be available on KnowNet which can be accessed via

22 replies on “But I'm a lady…”

Intimidated?? Does not apply to any of the ladies I've met in legal IT over the years. Reminds me of the definition of a balanced Australian – a chip on each shoulder;) So you're in a minority – get over it, so is everyone else, one way or another.

If you are not intimitdated how come you didn't put your name on the post? Us blokes are the majority (like it or not) and we have enough clubs, bonding and networks to satisfy us. Sure the Girls can join in, but only by becoming “one of the boys”. Good to see these kinds of inititives.

I am going to keep myself anonymous, and you will see why…
When I started out in the industry, not that long ago, I was very much in the minority as a woman. When it came to the Christmas party the options were a “gentleman's club” or nothing.
I don't play golf, want to watch cars racing or drink into the early hours all that often and the “banter” soon gets tiring.
I know things have changed over the past few years, but being on the supplier side often just presents the choice of mucking in the with boys or playing to your feminine charms. Therefore groups such as these are welcome.

…and there was me thinking it was simply yet another profiteering venture from TheKnowList stable! I guess this continuing approach will become less subtle in time (?)

Following your logic I am now unclear as to what I am, and may even unwittingly be in a minority, too! I am (at the last look) male yet I don't play or watch golf, I definitely don't want to watch cars racing, I don't support a football club, cricket leaves me tearing out my hair with boredom and I'm not a member of any club. However, I do admit to an occasional night on the Alcopops.
Am I the only one or do you want to join me and set up our own group? LILIConnect (LILI = Lads in Legal Information, geddit??), perhaps? I am finding that the absence of a male-only group that meets regularly to discuss topical issues in legal information is holding me back. Then again, PILIConnect sounds a better prospect: People in Legal Information. That would give me a more balanced and enjoyable forum.

Women sure are in the minority in legal IT and I cannot believe it's because half the population of the UK is allegedly only interested in puppies and kittens.
Our research into the gender makeup of the support roles in the top 100 law firms – – shows that a tiny number of IT heads are women: just 15%, or just over one in seven, whereas two in three HR heads are female.
So some form of action on this issue, whatever it is, cannot be a bad idea.

…so getting the usual (lady) suspects Heads of IT together will achieve more lady Heads of IT..? Isolation continueth.

With you all the way, but cannot have a Lads in Legal Information – that would be sexist ;o)
Always thought that I kind of got where I am on my on merit and drive, maybe I should have waited for a group to set up and carry me.

How about IT's a Man's World – there's already a theme tune for it?

We should be thankful it isn’t “Ladies in Llegal Technology” for that would surely be “Lil-lets”. Men, Google it.

Where have all you anti-everything, vitriolic types been? Are people buying your software again? – welcome back we've missed you actually PILLIConnect is a great idea but the P won't stand for people and your membership will be ample

I’m surprised, from the tone of your reply, you are supportive of PILLIConnect. However, if it’s the ‘P’s you are seeking introductions to (for whatever reason) I can see why you’d be keen to part of its ample membership.

who is going to do the ironing if all these women are at legal IT events?

Well they are looking for sponsors to pay for tea and coffee, so that will free them up for ironing (joke)

It seems the green eyed monster amongst our male colleagues is rearing its head.

But surely it was green eyed fluttery that created LILIConnect. Then again, if it was created by a male (me thinks) then that is deeply worrying…

I'm sorry – last weekend I reverted to type and took my two boys banger racing (the first time for all of us). There – I've admitted it. I'd do it again, too, now that I've discovered the pleasure of being five feet away from 2,000 lbs of car smashing into a concrete block at 60 miles an hour. The genes will out, won't they?
Oh, and my wife declined to come with us. She stayed at home and mowed the lawn.
I don't expect to be out on the links any time soon, though.

I'm absolutely 100% behind you on this. Yesterday, at the IQPC conference in London, my action was formally to launch the Men in eDiscovery group. Find us on LinkedIn at We are growing rapidly and already have a significant international element.

I wonder why they didn't call themselves Women In Legal Information?

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