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C2C meets expanding email data management with ArchiveOne 6.5

C2C, a provider of email, file, messaging and eDiscovery solutions, has announced the latest release of its ArchiveOne email archiving and management platform. With enhanced features for data archiving and disposition, PST file management and dynamic mobile access to email data, ArchiveOne 6.5 achieves “real world” email management for the way today’s businesses work.

“Now, purpose-built archive systems are swiftly becoming a mainstay because saving information is no longer enough—business users need to access it,” said Brian Babineau, Vice President, Research and Analyst Services, Enterprise Strategy Group. “The steady pace of data growth, rapidly changing compliance requirements, and legal demands dictate a shift to better solutions that help automate policy-based information discovery, tracking, retention, AND expiration. Companies have to start thinking about what’s next in archiving. If a company cannot broadly discover information and appropriately enforce policies such as retention now, the likelihood of catching up becomes more of a fantasy than a realistic objective in the new information age.”

C2C’s ArchiveOne is a comprehensive email archiving and management platform that gives email administrators the tools they need to dramatically improve the overall health of their email environment, comply with various regulatory bodies and enable eDiscovery of live, personally stored and archived data. ArchiveOne 6.5 introduces new features for the following:

•             Real World Archiving – including new options for data control to support Information Governance strategies. Delivering superior policy flexibility, ArchiveOne offers more data control features than any other email archiving solution available. For example, with ArchiveOne 6.5 administrators have multiple options for email disposition during archival including the ability to archive and stub, archive and delete the original email or archive email attachments only, delivering more archiving flexibility to support the way businesses work in the real world.
•             Enhanced PST Management – including the enhanced management of discovery and disposition of PST files and their contents. Using ArchiveOne 6.5 administrators can discover PST files that are either attached or detached from their originator’s mailbox, and assign ownership to the PSTs files of former employees. Administrators also can select from a range of discovery, decision and disposition options before migrating the PST files and data into Exchange or the archive.
•             Mobile Search and Browse Access – including the integration of a new web portal for the true integration of the searching and browsing of both live mail and archived mail from mobile devices and desktops. Now end users can search their production email data and archived data from anywhere, using their Blackberry, iPhone, Android or Microsoft mobile or tablet device.
•             Admin Searching of Live, PST and Archived email – Email data searches are further enhanced via the administrator console which allows for complete email search and browse features for “live” production emails, emails stored in users’ PST files and archived email for truly comprehensive eDiscovery.

“In today’s business enterprises, email data has become the cornerstone of communications and collaboration,” said Dave Hunt, CEO, C2C. “As a result, email data management, retention and disposition are business critical processes that can’t always wait until email is migrated into a data archive. With ArchiveOne 6.5 we have taken email management to a new level for the business ‘real world’ by enabling true information governance and email data control so that email can be searched, discovered and disposed of no matter where it resides – even if that means it is in a PST folder on a user’s computer.”

A live online demonstration, references from ArchiveOne users, and a 30-day trial are available at: