Last February, Allvision Computing, in conjunction with the Legal IT Insider, launched a free Buyer’s Guide to litigation support systems. The Guide combined practical advice on selecting litigation support services and software, with the most definitive collection of vendor and software information in the UK. It was an instant success and has become a reference bible within the industry.

It was always our intention to publish the Guide an annual basis each February, enabling all the latest developments from LegalTech NYC to be incorporated into it, so we are starting the process of updating the entries on suppliers and their software. Inclusion in the Guide is free and open to all relevant organisations. The current version of the Guide can be downloaded from here:
For those of you who weren’t in the Guide last time, all we ask is that you complete the attached form and supply us with the requested information about your company and its services and software. The information you provide will be added to the guide without any attempt to rank companies or favour one application over the other, though we do reserve the right to trim any 14 page opus down to roughly a page or two. The Supplier’s section of the Guide is split into two areas, first one-two page descriptions of all the companies in alphabetical order, and in the second section all the software products, with a table at the bottom showing which companies supply them.

So, for example, you don’t need to send in information about Relativity (unless you are kCura) as that entry is already complete, just tell us you offer Relativity and then explain what differentiates you from the other suppliers in terms of qualified people, etc.

Andrew Haslam of Allvision Computing is now compiling the latest edition and adds “I have attached a blank form (see attachment) so you can add (or change) your entry. Please return this as a Word document so I can cut and paste from it. If you would like me to send you your document from last year, let me know and I’ll pass it on. You can decide to leave the entry as it is, but I would ask that you let me know that is the case, otherwise I’ll remove your information to ensure the Guide is up to date. Some of you have submitted entries within the last month, and have nothing more to do, though if you want to acknowledge receipt of this email, that’s OK.”

In order to achieve our deadlines please return the form no later than Friday 7th February 2014.


1)      If we don’t hear from you by Friday 7th February, we will remove your information.
2)      If you want last year’s entry let us know.
3)      Submit your entry as a Word document NOT a PDF.

Andrew Haslam can be contacted at  &  +44 (0) 7789 435080

And here is the attached form  Guide – Vendor Information – Coy Name Here