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Capensys releases Spanish translation version of Office 2010 e-learning

Capensys, a training solutions provider, announces today the release of their Spanish version of e-learning for Office 2010 Legal for law firms with Spanish-speaking staff and offices. Several Capensys clients in Latin America and Spain had been requesting these translations.

The Spanish translation of Office 2010 is the newest addition to Capensys’ e-learning library, which incorporates training for most major legal applications in document management, macro suites, time/billing and other legal applications.  So far, Capensys has translated the following Office 2010 applications into Spanish: Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.  Some Capensys Office 2010 -materials have also been translated into French for Canadian clients.

Capensys Founder Sue Pasfield commented, “Our clients had been asking for Spanish translation capability of Capensys courses for some time.  Since Office 2010 is the version that most law firms use or will use, we began with translating the Office training materials into Spanish. These modules will be useful for clients that have Spanish-speaking employees both abroad and in the U.S.”