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Carpe Diem goes mobile

The Tikit Group has announced the release of Carpe Diem Mobile (CD Mobile). CD Mobile is scheduled for general availability on February 15th 2011, and will be show-cased at the LegalTech conference in New York in late January.

“We are very excited about this release. It provides immediate value to existing Carpe Diem users and re-enforces our commitment to supporting law firms who have invested in Carpe Diem over the last 15 years”, says David Lumsden, CEO of Tikit.

CD Mobile is the next generation mobile platform for Blackberry smartphones and provides seamless integration into Carpe Diem Classic and Carpe Diem Enterprise (formerly TimeKM). The release delivers a new feature set including support for the Blackberry Torch device. “More and more firms are considering the Blackberry Torch platform”, says Peter Zver, President of Tikit Inc. “CD Mobile leverages the new Blackberry interface functionality in order to further streamline the time capture process for mobile professionals”. In addition to full Torch support, CD Mobile offers a new management module which provides full reporting/inquiry of time inventory via a calendar view (including drill down capability) directly on the mobile device. This is common functionality for both Carpe Diem Classic and Carpe Diem Enterprise.

Following the release of Carpe Diem Classic 2010 in December last year, bringing Carpe Diem up to date with relation to the latest Microsoft operating systems and server platforms, the release of Carpe Diem Mobile is another sign of Tikit’s commitment to providing existing Carpe Diem Classic and Carpe Diem Enterprise clients with a continuing enhancement programme. Tikit plans to use the CD Mobile release, along with law firm feedback, to further address the mobile time capture market in 2011, including support for other mobile platforms such as the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  

3 replies on “Carpe Diem goes mobile”

Brilliant! Welcome to legal IT where it's always 10 years earlier than the date on my morning paper. How daring, how radical to release a Blackberry version of CD just as the sun starts to set on RIM and the world switches to either Apple or Android for mobile devices. What next – telex machines to return to law firms?

Don't put the blame on Tikit. They just acquired the company a few weeks ago. I'm impressed that Tikit has moved forwad this quickly.

Of course you could have ready the whole press release including the bit at the end:-
“including support for other mobile platforms such as the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.”
Let me have your fax number and I'll send a copy straight over.

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