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Case study: how Pannone saves £140,000 pa on print costs

M2’s independent managed print IT services (MPS) has helped Pannone LLP (with 100 partners, around 300 lawyers and a total staff of more than 630 people) to reduce its spend on print and unnecessary print consumption.

To identify exactly what Pannone required, M2 undertook a series of site audits to determine print volume trends and requirements. This included undertaking an extensive site survey and also sitting down with key Pannone employees including the IT department as well as representatives of all other departments. The survey process enabled M2 to understand Pannone’s printing habits per division and identify the best IT solution to control the output of documents, identify opportunities to streamline print, reduce waste and save money.

Pannone was producing 17 million pages of black and white and two million colour pages per annum using administrative staff for photocopying support and was struggling to keep up with Pannone’s print requirements. The company was also unable to easily track and report on departmental print and apportion cost. Dan Morton, Senior Manager for IT Service at Pannone said, “We had multi-function printers onsite and scanning solutions in place. However, we didn’t have a proactive supplier to work with to identify improvements to these services.”

M2 migrated Pannone away from a previous supplier to its independent MPS and delivered a cost saving of £140,000 on print and copy requirements within 12 months. The M2 independent approach offered Pannone a mixed fleet of printing solutions rather than a product-centric OEM option. The MPS at Pannone includes new, improved equipment, cost recovery, security, troubleshooting and an internal print room, named The M2 Docucentre:

·         Equipment – Using the survey information, M2 worked in partnership with Pannone to choose devices specifically suited to departmental requirements and budget.

·         Cost Recovery and Savings – Pannone was already working with the cost recovery company, Copitrak, to help the business be more profitable against client billings. By partnering with this company, M2 integrated the new equipment with Copitrak terminals to produce a secure and financially beneficial system. Dan Morton comments: “We had already decided that Copitrak would provide our cost recovery solution before starting work with M2. Even though M2 and Copitrak had not worked together before both partners collaborated to provide an excellent solution to meet our needs.”

·         Security – ‘Follow Me Print’ also ensured secure printing of confidential and important documents. These documents could be printed by the user and collected at any device around the building. This meant that a document would only actually print when that user authenticated at the device.

·         Troubleshooting – Custom written printer macros were set up and rolled out by M2’s IT department, enabling trouble free operation for the end user when printing letters with different paper requirements.

·         M2 Service Centre was included in the solution to ensure that any issues logged are dealt with quickly and efficiently by an M2 engineer. With the information logged centrally, M2 is able to identify whether a particular device is causing trouble and divert resources to another machine if necessary, while repairing any problems.

M2 partnered with Copitrak, a cost recovery company, to integrate the new equipment to produce a secure and financially beneficial system by decreasing print waste.  With the `Follow Me Print’ solution users can now print from their PC and collect at any device, but they must authenticate themselves with a security card before the job is printed. This reduces waste from users printing but not collecting their output. Pannone now has the ability to recover costs associated with all the print and photocopying that is produced throughout its offices. The company can also report on departmental print and photocopy cost throughout departments.

Morton added “Migrating from our previous print supplier to M2 could have been hugely disruptive for the 630 strong Pannone workforce. However, we were especially impressed with how M2 managed this project through removing old and installing new equipment while implementing software over a few weekends to limit user impact. The entire process was pain free due to excellent project management and planning by a team made up of M2, Copitrak and Pannone personnel.”

Part of M2’s solution was to introduce an internal print room. The Docucentre, is branded, managed and staffed by M2 as well as Pannone’s previous on-site engineer, and now handles the majority of all photocopying and bulk printing. “We now have a centralised facility where all photocopying, binding or marketing materials are produced at an extremely high level of quality. Docucentre helps to fulfil our commitment to client service by supporting our lawyers in their requirements and enabling Pannone to quickly produce and deliver professional documents”.

Docucentre uses larger production machines which ease the pressure on the departmental devices. This means these devices no longer need to be as quick or of high specification, and there is no longer a requirement for large amounts of printers and copiers in each department. This has helped to reduce equipment rental and provide further savings. This Docucentre solution has helped to free up existing administrative staff to concentrate on other areas of support to the firm.

Morton continued “We were spending a significant amount on the external production of marketing materials and by providing the Docucentre service we ensured that all marketing materials could be produced inhouse, enabling us to work closely with the Docucentre staff, reducing costs and saving time.” This printing requirement was previously sent to external digital and litho producers. Through the expertise of qualified print room staff, M2 runs a digital press machine capable of high quality digital print on demand, coupled with the very latest finishing equipment. The Canon ImagePress C6000 was installed for high quality brochure printing for the best consistency and quality. M2 also provided a broad range of finishing equipment including an electronic guillotine, digital creaser, automatic booklet maker and the full range of book binding options. This ensures that no work has to be sent out to be printed or finished due to lack of options. Due to the experience and expertise of the M2 staff, the standards remain high and quality control strict.

The M2 Docucentre now produces brochures, posters, booklets and leaflets for Pannone on demand; saving huge amounts of money and time. Production for marketing materials is now less than an eighth of the previous time. Marketing materials can be printed on demand, in some cases within the hour if an important meeting is occurring. This Docucentre service is a huge improvement over previous outsourced service where requests regularly took days to deliver.  It is also currently producing over three million black and white copies per annum and producing over 650,000 professional colour prints.