Even long established professions previously grounded in tradition need to move with the times, which is a view certainly held by Setfords Solicitors. Founded in 2006 and based in Guildford, Surrey, the firm claims a unique business model that provides all administration, paralegal and trainee support, IT access and access to marketing and client care capabilities to self-employed lawyers across the UK. With these core service requirements addressed, lawyers can commit all their attention to serving the needs of their clients. Chris Setford, a partner at Setfords Solicitors, describes the company as “a nerve centre operating to provide support services to solicitors across the UK.”

Paper in, paper out
Even though the legal profession has evolved over time, it remains a document-intensive industry, and it is one that puts great pressure on scanners, printers, faxes and document-management software. Under those demanding conditions, any cracks or weaknesses in products or document workflow processes will soon show, as Chris explains. “We used to have three members of the admin team spending all most all of their day scanning incoming mail before uploading it to our Case Management System. This could amount to up to 15,000 items a day. Our previous devices just couldn’t cope with those volumes and the rollers and feeders would jam constantly.” This durability problem was exacerbated by the response of the previous Managed Print Service (MPS) provider, which often struggled to fix these and other recurring problems with the devices.

Recognising that this situation was a driver for change, Setfords Solicitors took the opportunity to review its MPS provider. As the company has a preference for engaging with organisations that have been recommended, it welcomed the opportunity to meet with Xeretec following a positive referral. In the subsequent meeting, Xeretec made a lasting impression, as Chris explains. “Xeretec exuded excellence and professionalism from day one. It took the time to understand our business, how we work and the print challenges we faced. Not only did it consider our existing print needs, but it asked about our long-term plans for the business so it could consider how this would impact our long-term print strategy. This forward-thinking and pragmatic approach was well received, and has come to characterise our working relationship.”

In house printing – keeping control of cost and quality with Xerox
Following the assessment of Setfords Solicitors’ print needs, Xeretec proposed a change of devices, and also helped formulate a new strategy to bring the printing of marketing materials in house, enabling Setfords Solicitors to drive the desired improvements in print cost control, quality, consistency and efficiency. To facilitate this initiative, Xeretec recommended the installation of two Xerox WorkCentres – an A3 colour laser multifunction device, with robust printing and scanning capabilities and a Xerox 550 light production multifunction printer, paired with an off-line professional finisher built by Morgana, designed to save time and money by enabling in-house colour printing of marketing collateral. To ensure peace of mind, the convenience of a single point of contact and the simplicity of one invoice from a single supplier, the devices are maintained under a Xeretec MPS agreement.

Chris explained how this benefits the firm: “With these devices and the Xeretec MPS, we have made a long term investment to introduce better document workflow efficiencies and ultimately provide better service to the lawyers we support.” This, in part, is being delivered by the Xerox devices’ inherent reliability which Chris describes as “superb”. Praise for the machines has come from other parts of the business too, with the admin team stating it is “really impressed by the speed and the scanning performance of the devices.”

The company’s marketing department is equally happy with the introduction of Xerox printers, saying they are “delighted with the image quality, while the devices’ flexibility meets our requirement for machines that can print a full range of paper sizes and weights, up to business card stock of 350gsm.” Furthermore, the Morgana device’s finishing options enable Setfords Solicitors to produce booklets, leaflets, mailers and business cards in-house, with the option to crease and guillotine documents.

Flexible printing drives growth and cost savings
Chris believes that the benefits delivered by printing in house on reliable machines can be filtered back to fee earners. He explains: “Introducing these machines means that we can really keep a cap on print costs and pass these onto lawyers. If a lawyer wants to print 5,000 leaflets to do a drop among local businesses, we can now offer this service at a third of the price they used to pay. With these savings in mind the devices could play a role in helping them grow their client base.”Chris views the investment from a long term perspective; one that that will drive swifter service in the short term and realise projected print cost-savings for the firm of £25,000 plus over five years.

The assurance of long term support from Xeretec
Chris is confident that Xeretec will continue to deliver high quality, pro-active support during that time, as he explains: “They’re always one step ahead, and we benefit from working with a personable team that knows what it is doing.  Xeretec helps us to ensure that we’re delivering swift and efficient service and that’s great for us and of course the fee earners we support.”